JINGOS! Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is JINGOS! a Hazardous Chemical for Disposal?

    No! JINGOS! is environmentally friendly. You can dispose of your empty JINGOS! bottle right in your trash bin. BTW: give that trash bin a spray of JINGOS! and you’ll be glad you did.

  • Can I Use JINGOS! As a Pre-Soak for Tough Stains?

    Absolutely! JINGOS! makes an excellent pre-soak for hard-to-clean stains. Saturate the stain with JINGOS! before washing.
    JINGOS! is most effective using the WARM water setting on your washing machine.

  • If JINGOS? Is New, Can I Trust It to Work?

    While the name “JINGOS!” might be new, the product has been the “go-to” cleaner and air freshener for decades in the sports and medicine communities. JINGOS! derived from the Enzyme Industries, Inc. legendary product “Blood Buster”, offered only through commercial suppliers to sports organizations and medical/dental offices. That reliable product is now available to the public as “JINGOS!” in gentler, convenient form.

  • Where is JINGOS! Made?

    JINGOS! is made by Enzyme Industries, Inc. in Heath, Ohio in the U.S.A., a fully American-Made product.

  • Can JINGOS! Be Used On All Clothing and Carpet?

    As with all cleaning solutions; if at all possible, test for colorfastness before using JINGOS! on carpet or fabric. Do not use JINGOS! on silk. Do not mix JINGOS! with bleach and then apply to carpet or fabric.

  • Is it Safe to Spray JINGOS on Humans or Pets?

    Yes! Some dogs love to roll in dead fish or other lovely things like groundhog poop, while other dogs love to get too close to skunks. If your pet or children come home with a “present” for you, spray the affected area with JINGOS! to eliminate odors or remove stains. JINGOS! is as mild as baby shampoo. After treating the affected area, rinse JINGOS! away with warm water. Avoid spraying JINGOS! in eyes. If the solution comes in contact with eyes or skin, rinse with water. If irritation persists, consult your physician. A link to the JINGOS! SAFETY DATA SHEET is available at the top of the page.