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The pot had grease built up on its bottom and nothing would take it off…One day he brought home a bottle of JINGOS!…took the grease completely off … Read more “Greasy Popcorn Pan Bottom”

Our dog Charlie came home after being sprayed by a skunk. I tried shampooing with tomato juice and several dog shampoos, but nothing worked!… Read more “Sprayed By A Skunk”

…Favorite ball cap…the sweat stains still remained. Spraying them with Jingos…the stains were gone! … Read more “Favorite Baseball Cap Sweat-Stained”

JINGOS saved our vacation rentals new white pillow cases and washcloths from mascara and makeup stains!… Read more “JINGOS Saved Our Vacation Rentals”

our puppy had done his “business” on our rugs. We got out the Jingos and …stain gone…odor as well… Read more “Puppy Business On The Rugs”

“odor was from a dead mouse…Thankfully, Jingos worked”
Read more “JINGOS Kills Odor From a Dead Mouse”

What do you do when you dog gets sprayed by a skunk and you let her back in the house not realizing that’s what happened? Jingos to the rescue… Read more “My Entire House Smelled Like Skunk”

I remembered to use Jingos on the several blood stains and WOW!!!!! It took out the blood stains completely.… Read more “Use JINGOS! On Blood Stains”

I used it on where my dog urinated on the carpet, and you cannot even tell she went!!… Read more “You Cannot Even Tell She Went!”

Erin Shahayda