Dog and body oil stains

Jingos Ultra Stain Remover & Odor Eliminator PNG image of quote markDear L.A. –

Like you, I rebuke first and ask questions later, but no matter how many times I did that, the stains remained in my new microfiber sheets and pillowcases.

The condition of my sheets was embarrassing – saliva stains from my dog washing her paws and body oil stains from my husband’s beautiful olive skin. I enzyme pet stain removers and expensive laundry detergents with zero success. I even used a dish-washing liquid known for getting grease out of the way – it didn’t!

On the authority of your word, instead of tossing my three-month old sheets, I ordered Jingos!

I followed the instructions for pre treating stains. I sprayed both sides of the pillowcases and all of the stains on the sheets except for one – that was my control stain to see if Jingos! really worked.

Honestly, L.A., I could not believe the results – where other stain removal products failed, Jingos! nailed it!

All of the dog and body oil stains on my sheets and pillowcases are gone! The only mark left on them is the control stain! I no longer have to be embarrassed by the condition of my bed linens because Jingos! saved them. I can’t wait to use Jingos! on every stain.

Thank you for finding an environmentally-friendly product that really works as advertised. My advice to anyone who needs a product to remove stains and strong odors: byjingo, buy Jingos! You’ll be glad you did!

Dog and body oil stains