Beyond My Expectations

Firstly, buy Jingos! by the Gallon! It goes far, but you’ll be cleaning everything 🙂

My need for Jingos! was for my car. Sure.. the salesman said we can get the cigarette odor, and what ever that other stench was, out. Lets just say that never happened.
I tried everything, even had the car interior cleaned, as I am very, very allergic to all the various assaulting odors. They only bloomed stronger and with more variants and greater degrees of stench. I think you could categorize this as ” Stench With A Vengeance”

Enter JINGOS! I cleaned everything that could be reached in that car twice now with Jingos!. Why twice? Even though I had it cleaned, to my surprise, layers and layers of filth were coming out of the back seat. A deep layer of what looked like mud and smelled like dog, a dark pinkish layer that smelled like someones party libation spilled into the seat. ( really, why O why of all the cars in all the lots of the world did I get this? )
There were other layers that brought out other offenses that I can’t even place, and maybe don’t want to.

The thing is, Jingos! not only was attacking the many disgusting odors, it was attacking deep layers of who knows what! They were literally being pulled out from deep in the seats and carpet. The back seat was the worst. It’s absolutely amazing. ( at cars purchase, you could NOT tell the seats were unclean from looking at them, or feeling them, it was the stench that led to this cleansing )

Another PLUS for JINGOS!…. I had the two-fer 24oz + travel size, and there was alot left over. I used it on laundry. Those dingy ankles your favorite old jeans get that never come out, the soil and grass from ages gone by. Well now, even my oldest jeans sparkle with fresh new color, wow.
I moved on to everything in the house that wasn’t sparkling as it once was, from carpet to sheers, curtains, tablecloths, athletic shoes and on ..
Jingos! did it all, so next time… it’s the GALLON. I’ll be moving very soon and I’m sure, being the ‘clean enthusiast’ that I am…. deep cleaning will ensue~

Thank you LA Marzulli for advertising this marvel, thank you Geoff for inventing Jingos!

Blessings, Blessings,

Beyond My Expectations